In case you are feeling choked by a huge debt and are wondering how you can regain control of your own financial situation, the best thing to do is simply to contact a qualified insolvency or bankruptcy trustee. The expert will sit down with you in order to analyze your financial situation and then recommend the best options that will help you get out of debt, improve your credit score and re-establish your financial stability.

Debt and Insolvency Solutions in Ottawa

If you or your business is going through a tough financial situation and you are seeking professional assistance, you will find properly staffed insolvency trustee firms that can assist you. They have very highly qualified insolvency experts that carry vast experience in handling different debt and insolvency issues. If you are looking for a seasoned bankruptcy trustee to assist you in drafting a comprehensive consumer proposal in Ottawa, these firms can help. They have specialized in:

  1. Personal Bankruptcy Solutions

If you are not able to pay your unsecured debt, these experts can help you get financial relief by guiding you through the process of filing for personal bankruptcy. Here, the trustee will basically file the bankruptcy and then notify all of your creditors about it. Thereafter, the trustee may take and sell off the non-exempt assets and then distribute whatever proceeds they get to your creditors. They may also need you to submit your surplus income to them for disbursement to the creditors. If you are looking for a qualified bankruptcy trustee to help you through the entire process of filing for personal bankruptcy, these firms can help.

  1. Consumer Proposals

In case you are currently saddled by very huge consumer debts and you are having a hard time paying your credit card debt, a consumer proposal can enable you to avoid filing for bankruptcy and give you relief from any outstanding debts. The best thing about this option is that your assets will be protected. The proposal may include a request to extend the repayment period or forfeiting some of the amount owed. If you need expert assistance when filing for a consumer proposal in Ottawa, these firms can help.

  1. Debt Consolidation Solutions

Debt consolidation usually involves the acquisition of a loan, which enables you to effectively manage and also repay your debts to different creditors in a single installment. This will enable you to achieve a much lower interest rate on the debt than if you were making separate payments. The amount of the debt consolidation loan is usually equivalent to the total outstanding debts. Fortunately, the experts at these firms can help you develop a viable debt consolidation plan that will help you get your finances back on track.

These firms are also known to specialize in credit counseling, corporate proposals, debtor assist, corporate insolvency or corporate restructuring. The experts will not leave you on your own until they have seen to it that you are completely out of debt and in full charge of your financial situation. Whether you are looking for a qualified bankruptcy trustee to help you file for personal bankruptcy or consumer proposal in Ottawa, these firms can help.