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What is payment acceptance and how can it help increase your store sales?
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Experts from exactly® share their opinion on the best way to accept payments for small and medium businesses.

If you own a business, then you know that one of the most important aspects of running a successful company is taking payments from your customers. Payment acceptance can be done in a variety of ways, but what’s the best option for your business? In this post, we’ll discuss payment acceptance and how it can help increase your store sales. We’ll also provide tips on how to choose the right payment solution for your business.

So, whether you’re just getting started or you’re looking to expand your current payment options, read on for helpful information on payment acceptance!

5 key factors to consider when choosing a payment solution for your business

Ease of Use

The payment solution you choose should be easy for both you and your customers to use. You don’t want a complicated system that will take forever to learn or that will frustrate your customers.


When it comes to payments, security is paramount. You’ll want to make sure that the payment solution you choose offers the latest security features to protect both you and your customers.


You’ll need to consider the costs associated with the payment solution you choose. Some solutions may have higher upfront costs, while others may have lower costs but charge transaction fees. Consider what will work best for your business.


The payment solution you choose should be flexible to meet the needs of your business. It should be able to accommodate growth and change as your business grows.

Customer Service

When something goes wrong with a payment, you’ll want to be able to reach someone for help. Choose a payment solution that offers excellent customer service in case you need assistance.

Why payment acceptance is critical for businesses

In today’s increasingly digital world, businesses need to be able to accept payment online in order to stay competitive. A payment gateway is a critical component of this, as it allows businesses to process payments quickly and securely.

Payment gateways also provide important data that can help businesses track their performance and make strategic decisions about pricing and marketing. Ultimately, payment acceptance is a key part of running a successful business in the modern world.


Payment acceptance is a critical part of any eCommerce business. By implementing a payment acceptance strategy that works for your store, you can increase sales and improve the customer experience. We’ve outlined some tips to help get you started, but if you need more assistance, our team is here to help. Start increasing your sales today by implementing one of these payment acceptance strategies.

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