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Choosing the right packaging for your products includes variables such as product safety, shipping and handling regulations, and branding concerns. This can make it a tough decision for new companies as well as established ones with new products to launch. By talking to the experts, remembering your company culture and considering your customer, you can design the best packaging for your needs.

Talk to the Experts

It is important to remember that there may be safety regulations around your products when it comes to packaging as well as shipping and handling. Some items you sell may be considered pharmaceutical, medical or hazardous materials which means that the packages you choose for putting the items on your own shelf as well as the ones you use for shipping them to vendors or directly to customers will need to meet the requirements determined by both domestic and international organizations. By hiring a company with packaging consulting as well as package testing, you can ensure that all regulations are being followed while designing the best containers for your products and brand.

Remember Your Company Culture

Your packaging should reflect your company in more ways than incorporating the logo and color schemes. It should also incorporate key pieces of your company culture. For example, if your company is dedicated to sustainability, then you should use sustainable packaging whenever possible and increase awareness in your customers when it is not possible. Including contact information and social media in the label are good ways to engage the customer in your company culture.

Consider Your Customer

Remember, it is your customer you are ultimately looking to impress with your packaging, so keeping his or her experience in mind is a good place to start. The customer looking to buy handmade items will probably be looking for a more homemade feel to the packages, even if it is shipped to them in a generic-looking box. This can mean attaching a tag to the item with a ribbon instead of a plastic hook or including a signed thank you card on branded stationary. Customers also look for sturdy packaging for more confidence that the item will not be damaged once they get it home, however, the more difficult it is to get the item out of the package, the less impressed the customer is likely to be.

Choosing the right packaging can have a huge impact on how customers receive your products, both in the condition they are in when they arrive and in how the customer feels about it. By consulting an expert, you can make sure that you are following packaging regulations as well as designing the best system for your brand.


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