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Myths around senior citizens health insurance busted
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Health insurance plays a vital role to secure the health of the majority of the population. It has become an integral part of our lives. However, other than playing an important role in a middle-aged individual, health insurance also becomes a significant aspect in the lives of senior citizens.

Health insurance for senior citizens provides different facilities such as cashless hospital treatment, coverage of critical illness, full coverage of diseases like Strokes, Cancer, Paralysis, etc. However, there are many myths associated with health insurance. To know more about health insurance for senior citizens, click on

Common myths on senior citizens health insurance

Often a cloud of misinterpretation and myths circulates among the general public who abstain from purchasing health insurance. Below are some myths which should be demolished before buying health insurance for senior citizens in our country.

Current medical ailment

People think that if their parents are already suffering from a medical ailment, what is the reason to buy insurance that may not cover the pre-existing condition. Well, this is not true, as it depends on the insurance company entirely. If the insurer is willing to provide you with insurance that covers the pre-existing medical condition, you can buy a plan for your parents.

Cost of purchase

Another myth among people is that the cost of health insurance for senior citizens in our country is very high. An insurance policy is purchased, keeping in mind the expenses that might take place in the future. Health insurance is purchased to safeguard your finance today to accomplish your parent’s needs in the future. In short, it is going to help you from unpredictable medical expenses.

Family Floating Plan

People also think that their family already has is already enlisted in some other insurance plans such as a family floater plan. The family floater plan helps to cover almost all the members of your family members. If the amount of this plan gets exhausted, it will not be able to include the ailments of the older people or the senior citizens of the family. So, it is necessary to buy health insurance for your parents or other elderly members of your family.

Here are some prominent features for health insurance plans for senior citizens

  • Cashless hospital treatments including rooms and medical bills
  • No ambulance charges
  • Hassle-free and faster treatment
  • Premature disease cover plan
  • Benefits of advanced technologies
  • Annual health check-ups
  • No medical tests required before availing the insurance

Besides the myths, there are a lot of benefits on availing health insurance for senior citizens. After the purchase of the insurance, the senior citizens get cashless treatments from the best hospitals, including rooms and all the medical facilities. They can get hassle-free therapy in less time. In case of an emergency, the ambulance service is available with no additional fee charged for the same. All the medical tests are done for free, provided, the health insurance one has opted for has a tie-up with that particular hospital. The facility of a free annual check-up is also available in many cases.

Being healthy is good, but sometimes maintaining good health is not an easy task. You never know what ailments the future may bring. Health insurance has always focused on protection and financial coverage. Old age is the golden era for elderly citizens, so they must be provided with the best of what they need. It is highly recommended to buy health insurance for senior citizens, which will ensure a safer and healthy period of life for them.

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