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The famous desert of Dubai-Desert safari
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I would like to tell you about the two safaris that are very famous and if someone comes here at Desert safari gets confused between the selections of these two.

Morning desert safari:
If you are a morning person then a morning desert safari can be the best time for you. Now there are two things. Number one is that if you are a resident of Dubai and wants to visit desert safari in morning so the best advantage of it for you can be that your mornings can be refreshed and you will be charged up the whole day and if you want to go to some work at the end of the day then rather than getting tired you will be fresh enough to deal with the rest of the day stress. Number two is that if you are coming from outside of Dubai or UAE to visit desert safari then you choosing a morning desert safari can be beneficial for you in a sense that after having fun in the morning at desert safari Dubai you can enjoy other activities at the rest of your day as well.

Activities at morning desert safari:
Quad biking is a very thrilling ride in which you get to ride a four-wheeled ride, camel ride is a ride on the humblest of creatures and dune bashing is done on a land cruiser. These three activities are very famous here at a morning desert safari and are a must try.

Overnight safari:
This is the second safari that is very famous. Do you know why? Because of the peaceful vibes that can relax anyone’s heart and soul. Most people search for peace their whole lives so when you get to know about an activity that is all about peace. Why not go for it then? In night camping at desert safari Dubai, the fire will be lit up and you will get to sit near a fire camp where all the activities will be done by people around you. I would lie to tell you about these activities below.

Tanoura dance:
Want to see a very soothing dance here at the desert safari in overnight camping? Have an experience of seeing tanoura dance which is a kind of Sufi dance. You will just fall in love with the vibes that you will get while enjoying this soothing dance being done by tanoura dance professionals on light music.

Fire show:
Words cannot explain the vibes that you will get while seeing it. Have the best experience of seeing a fire show here at desert safari Dubai in the night safari.

Belly dance:
This is a kind of entertaining dance. If you want some entertainment in overnight camping then you should definitely go for it.

Henna art:
Decorate your hands by henna and fall in love with the henna art.

BBQ dinner:
Have the best food in town and love every bit of it.

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