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What Guidelines Regulate The Bail Bonds Agent
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A bail bonds service may be required if a person is arrested and the court decides to set bail. Bail is set by the judge, and it is an amount that the defendant, the person arrested, would need to pay to be released from jail. Bond is the amount paid by a bail bonds agent to have the defendant released from jail. Prior to paying the bond, bail bonds agent, a person will either pay the bonds agent 10 to 15 percent of the bail amount to have a bond agent to create a bond to be used to have the defendant released. The 10 to 15 percent paid to the bonds agent can be cash or anything of value such as a home could be used as collateral. Before paying anything to a bail bond agent, it is important to consider the quality of the business.

Factors Influence The Selection of Bail Bonds Service

There are many factors to consider before finding the correct bail bond agent, and a few are:
• Recommendation from attorney
• Fees expected to be paid
• Reviews of past service offered

Many attorneys will be able to recommend at bail bonds agent to use. Lawyers with good reputations regarding their performance will expect the same before suggesting a bail bonds service to use. Bail bonds service will more than likely be reputable and have a proven performance record if recommended by a lawyer you trust. There will be some cases when the recommendation by defense lawyer will translate reduce percentage paid to the bail bonds agent. A bail bonds service should provide a clear understanding of what fees will be paid. Normally, there will be 10 to 15 percent paid to the bail bonds agent. Fees will vary from state to state, and there may be fees for electronic monitoring or drug testing. There should be a clear understanding of what fees are allowed by the state. Most bail bond services charlotte nc should provide information on what fees will be expected to be paid. There are few bail bonds services that offer payment plans for bonds, and this can be helpful if paying for bail bondsmen could hurt a person finances. There will be cases when the defendant will be too high risk and bail bonds agents will not pay a bond. A high-risk defendant would be a person who will more than likely not show up to court. Most good bail bonds services will provide payment plans or will attempt to help people with different financial situations. Reviews of services are important to know to determine the reputation and creditability of bail bonds service. A well-trusted source of reviews will be helpful such as family and friends. 

Clients Beware of Poor Practices of Bail Bonds Agents

Bail bonds service industry in the United States makes about $2 billion annually. There are companies who are better than others in any industry and bail bond industry is no different. It is important to avoid bail bonds agents who may be willing to only accept cash and offer extremely low percentage for a bond. It is considered an illegal discount. The law that regulates the bail bonds industry will clearly show what is allowed, and a person should refer to it before selecting the bond service. It could lead to being locked into a poor payment plan that if a payment is missed could cause a person to lose money or having the defendant go back to jail. Bail bonds agents cannot solicit service in or near the jail, but knowing what states allow go a long way to finding a good bail bonds agent.

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