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Four Phases of the Hiring Process
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Hiring employees is one of the most important aspects of running a company. The following outlines four broad phases of the hiring process.

  • Recruitment

Once you know what positions you need to fill, you can begin recruiting. Start by writing a job description. Be clear about what the job entails: hours, responsibilities, etc. Posting the position to a job listing site is a fairly common practice. If your business gets a lot of foot traffic, you may also consider advertising the position on-site. If there is a job fair coming up in your area, look into setting up a booth.

  • Interviewing

When the applications arrive, you have to select the most appealing candidates. List the qualities that you feel are most important in an employee and use those to decide whom to call in for an interview. If you see a promising resume that is not quite right for the current opening, hold on to it for a later date when you can offer that candidate a more appropriate position if he or she is interested. Once you have a few resumes you like, start arranging interviews. Depending on the number and quality of applicants, you may need to hold more than one round of interviews.

  • Screening

Any promising interviewees will need to be screened for legal or health concerns. Occupational health screenings can identify drug users and those who are physically unable to do the job, but remember that it is illegal to discriminate because of disability. Many employees also do background checks to look for criminal history. Some fields require psychological tests to make sure the candidate can handle the stresses of the job.

  • Onboarding

After you decide whom to hire, there is still more to do. The new-hire will need to fill out emergency contact information, the IRS Form W-4 if he or she is subject to withholding taxes and other important documents. They may have to go through training or orientation as well. If you plan on assigning the employee a mentor, now is a good time to do so. If possible, take time to give a tour of the office and make important introductions. Make sure the new hire knows whom to ask if they have questions.

Hiring a new employee can be a struggle. However, with a little planning you can increase your chances of getting a stellar team member. Putting him or her at ease during the process makes a good first impression and can improve his or her chances of success with your company.

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