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How Do I Apply for a Liquor License in Texas?
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If you need to secure a liquor license for your business in Texas, it is essential to know the requirements. You will need to ensure that you follow the application process exactly and provide the required information. If you do not, you could face delays.

It is also a good idea to start planning to secure your liquor license as soon as you know your need one. This will help to ensure you get it in time for the opening of your business.

  • Prep Work

Before you apply for a liquor license in Texas, you need to register your business with state and federal agencies. You also need to plan the location of your business so that you can decide on proper signage required for a business selling liquor.

You will need to learn about and choose the alcohol industry tier to which your business belongs. The three tiers include retailer, distributor, and manufacturer.

  • Forms

According to the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission, the next step is to complete the prequalification packet. You will either need to complete the on-premises or off-premises packet, depending on how you will sell the liquor. You must also secure the right permit according to your intended type of business.

You have to complete a location and business packet as well. You also must complete the applications and secure any required local or state certificates. Finally, you must have a publisher’s affidavit and public notice.

Once you complete all the packets and forms, you must sign them in front of a notary and submit them to the proper agencies.

  • Important Points

It is essential that you read through the forms completely and ensure that you include all the requested information. You must ensure you include all required documentation as well. If there is information you do not know, you must make sure to figure it out or contact the local TABC office for help. Incomplete forms will not result in a license.

You also should understand that it takes an average of 50 days to process the application. If you plan to open soon, you may not have your license in time. Selling alcohol without a license will lead to legal trouble and will likely stop you from securing a liquor license in the future.

  • Wrap Up

Securing a liquor license is an important step if you wish to sell alcohol in your business. This legal requirement can take time to secure, so make sure to plan ahead when applying.

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