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One thing i learnt is never to judge based on what you heard or see on the internet without any proof or confirmation.

Before i started investing on CryptohodlerFX, i made my research, i saw so many positive reviews about the website then unfortunately i saw a review right under this same question with some edited negative review about the platform, i almost gave up trying to join but after more deeper research, i found out that that same negative reviewer already made an official apology post about his negative review about CryptohodlerFX.

With that i started with just 1000XRP, after following due process, i was paid all my profits then again, i increased my investment and added more cryptocurrency worth over USD7000 and i still got paid. Up till now, i am still being paid as promised without any story involved.

It will be of a bad thing to be to see someone post negative review about this platform when i know there are thousands of people benefiting under this platform. I am one of the beneficiaries and with the help of this platform, i cleared all my debt and i have enough in my bank account.

All i can say is thank you CryptohodlerFX and CryptohodlerFX is not a scam.

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