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Save Money With Planned Pond Management
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A lovely, shimmering pond is an asset to any property. If your pond doesn’t shimmer like it used to, it may be time to restore it to its aesthetic and functional potential. If you don’t regularly maintain your pond, you aren’t alone. Many pond owners address problems as they arise but don’t do any regular, preventive maintenance. It turns out, seasonal, scheduled maintenance on your pond may save you money in the long run.

Why Reactive Pond Management Doesn’t Work

You’re walking around your pond one morning, and you notice some strange, colorful algae on the surface. You head to the garden center and the salesperson says to pick up some algaecide and apply it to the problem. It may take care of the problem, but algaecides can alter the chemistry of your pond ecosystem and make it susceptible to more aquatic weed problems and potentially larger, costlier issues.

Aquatic weed control is an important part of any preventive pond management plan. By the time you can see the algae overgrowth, it may have been thriving undetected long enough to put your pond in jeopardy. Consistent preventive maintenance tasks reduce your chances of a major capital outlay for serious interventions, such as dredging.

Proactive Pond Management

A planned pond maintenance approach is the preferred method for keeping a pond healthy and clear. Developing a seasonal maintenance schedule will help you spread the costs out to suit your budget. Performing regular pond maintenance involves a few tasks each season, such as planting shoreline grasses or having the water chemistry tested. Proactive pond management is meant to offer an affordable way to bolster your pond’s overall health and prevent serious problems from developing.

Seasonal pond maintenance amounts to simple tasks that are easy to fit into your schedule and contribute to the overall vitality of your pond. Planting some shoreline plants and cleaning your aeration intake sounds much more manageable than paying to have someone dredge your pond. If the basics of pond health are in place, you will generally spend less money and devote less time to addressing pond ailments.


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