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Using A Bail Bondsman Service
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You never thought that this would happen to your family but it did. Your spouse or child is calling you from jail in the middle of the night, and you need you to come bail them out. What do you do? You do not have the full amount that it takes to bring them home. There is another option. You can call a bail bondsman to help set up their release. It is good that services such as this exist because no one realistically speaking has tons of money laying around to pay a full bail amount in haste. However, when using this type of service, you must be careful to follow all rules and procedures.

The Bond Process 

When the bond has been set, there is a strict process that has to be followed in order for the accused to stay out of jail. They must attend every court date that’s been set. Also, they have to stay out of trouble or that bond could be revoked. Plus, payments must be made on the bond to keep the police or bounty hunter from arresting the accused again. Some places require collateral such as your home in case the accused person skips bail. Everything must be done according to the rules or you could lose everything. On the positive side, if the accused is found not guilty, you can get some of that money back and the lien will come off your home. Of course, every state has the same laws across the board concerning the bond process. You can get a bail bondsman minneapolis mn. Regardless of where you are, you can get this service for your loved one or friend so they can start preparing their defense. Being found not guilty is the only way to keep everything, and you can put this behind you. 

The Payment Aspect Of A Bond

There is more that goes into the bond process. If you pay your bond in cash to the court in full and are found not guilty, then you get a full refund. However, with the bail bondsman, it’s is a bit different. Once you pay the 10%, you don’t get that back but if you are paying on the bond and are found to be not guilty, then you only get back what you have paid after the 10% you have put down. Also, if your loved one has paid their own bail, they don’t need you to be the cosigner for them. They can do it themselves, which leaves you out of the stress of what they are dealing with altogether. Just so you know, depending on the circumstances, any court fees can be paid for by the bail money that is paid. It does not matter if you are guilty or found innocent in that case. 

Getting a bail bondsman can be a tough decision to make. However, you do not want your loved one sitting in jail. Get help posting bond today.

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