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Coin Collecting for The Beginner
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Parents often start their children off on a collection almost as soon as they are born. One type of collection that is often used is a coin collection. Coins are easily obtained, and it doesn’t take a lot of effort for parents to find some for their child. As the child grows, the collection usually will become more serious and parents will look for silver coins in Colorado, for instance, to add to it. They will research which coins are valued the highest and try to get them for their child’s collection. 

Which Coins Should You Start With 

When building a collection, you will want to start slow and build it up over time. You may want to start with pennies. Check the date on all pennies you have on hand and keep the oldest coins for your collection. These will have more copper in them than newer coins and are generally higher in value. The same holds true for other coins, the older the coin, the more valuable. Keep this in mind when searching for your coins. 

How To Know What Your Collection Is Worth 

No matter what you are collecting, there will come a time when you will want to know what it is worth and how much you could sell it for. The purpose of a collection is eventually to sell it. Using a good dealer in the collection type you have is important. These dealers can not only value your collection, but, certify its value. They may also act as a broker for you in the market. They will help you to find a buyer for your items. They will charge a fee for the certification and the brokerage service, but it will be only a percentage of the selling price. 

Using Your Collection As An Asset 

Collection values are often so high that they can be used to secure loans from banks. This type of lending is relatively new as most banks have felt that collection items and stocks are too volatile to secure a loan. Values fluctuate with the market and therefore cannot be used. But, if the bank can prove the historical data of a particular collection item, they will approve the loan. Collections that include gold or silver, for instance, are more likely to be approved since the historical data on these metals goes back many years. They are also both at an all-time high in price. 

In the world of finance, there have been many changes in the last few years and lenders are becoming easier to deal with. Restrictions they once had on security for loans have become much more lenient and loans are being approved all the time. If you are looking to finance a project using your collection as an asset and your bank has denied the loan, you may want to look at private investors who will most likely be more open to this type loan. Financial advisors can help put you together with the right investor.


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