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Is Uncle Joe in jail again? Do you need bail bond services? By the way, does everyone get a bail bond? 

What is a Bail Bond? 

The court process takes a very long time. Unfortunately, the process is becoming longer and longer with some trials lasting years. The goal of the bail bond is to allow for you to be free while the court hearings take place. 

Innocent Until Proven Guilty 

Under the law, you or your Uncle Joe are presumed Innocent until proven guilty under the American Constitution. What does this mean? It means that you cannot be punished until a court proves that you committed the crime that you were charged with. 

Taken into Custody 

The truth is that being taken into custody really means nothing. Your insurance company might be warned of it, but you are still innocent. You are simply booked, so that the court process can begin. 

Judges Set Bail 

Once you are booked, a judge will consider the charges and think about setting bail based on a number of factors. He will look at the severity of the crime, whether you have priors and whether you are a flight risk. What is a flight risk? 

Flight Risk 

A flight risk is deemed to be someone who might not stick around for the court hearings. If you are not a flight risk, then a judge can set your bond. Then, you can contact a bail bond services nashville tn company to get out of jail. 

Capital Crimes 

For certain serious capital crimes and prisoners who are deemed to be flight risks, no bail is set. You are deemed to be too danger to the public-at-large. You have to sit in jail during your trial. 

Bail Bondsman Job 

Most people don’t have a lot of cash laying around or hidden in their coach cushions. That is why they go to a bail bondsman. The Tennessee bail bondsman pays for you to get out of jail, only requiring a portion of the full bail amount. 

Bail Bondsman Location 

Most bail bondsmen can be found within close distance of the county jail. They like to be within eyesight of the prisoners looking out the windows. The prisoners write down the number and give it to their family members. 

Bench Warrant 

Your bail bond is a contract. You agree to go to all court hearings, in exchange you can go free on your own recognizance. If you don’t show up for your hearings, a judge can issue a bench warrant for your arrest. 

Do Bench Warrants Expire? 

Bench warrants don’t expire. Whenever you are pulled over, a police officer can run your name and find an outstanding bench warrant. 

I Fought the Law … 

It is difficult to fight the law and win. The law is there to protect the innocent. Bail bonds keep the system running smoothly.


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